Filofax Malden A5

As a plan-centered and organized person, I always have a planner. Always. I might not lug it everywhere, but I have to use one to keep me organized. I have tried all kinds of methods of planning as well as many kinds of planners, and this is one I purchased in March. I have an old Filofax Malden in the personal size that I bought two years ago, but I found that it did not have enough writing space for my liking, and I seldom used it. I moved on to a Daytimer with handmade inserts, then a PassionPlanner, then a bullet journal, but now I think I have found my happy medium. Enter Malden A5.



The packaging was beautiful. I have lost the pictures of the original packaging, but I remember opening it and just thinking “wow, this is sophisticated.” I paid good money for it, and I could feel the quality as I pulled it free from the packaging. I received my personal Malden from Amazon, and I did not receive original packaging, so this was my first time really opening something from Filofax. It was glorious.

Front Cover (inside)

The Malden is made of a gorgeous purple leather with silver accents in the clasp and the six rings inside. The front cover features several card slots and a full length zip pocket. The back cover has space for a notepad if you chose to insert one. My favorite part about the overall design of the Malden: two pen loops. The only downside to that is they are not made of elastic; they’re leather, creating a problem if you like larger pens. I, however, store a 0.5mm mechanical pencil and a Sharpie pen (in black of course) in my loops which I use when I carry my Malden daily. If I’m in class, I normally already have a fountain pen in my hand, so I don’t need to get one out of my planner.

The Malden comes with beautiful cream-colored week-on-two-page inserts with an hourly layout. Not my favorite, but as you can read in a previous post (My Planning Journey), I will use them until the end of the year.

One of the best aspects of the binder system is that you can put any kind of layout inside with the benefit of being able to move things around. You can include special sections and fold-out inserts; the possibilities are endless with this many options.

The downside to the A5 size is definitely it’s bulk. This probably isn’t something you would want to carry around in your purse ever day. It could be a great planner to keep at your desk while you carry around a smaller planner or notebook. Just don’t forget to update it so you don’t forget anything!

For anyone looking to branch out with a new kind of planner, I would definitely recommend some sort of ring-bound or disc-bound planner that allows you the flexibility to move sheets. From experience I know that it is very frustrating to realize your pages are in the wrong order, and as a perfectionist, I have a hard time getting over that. A ring bound planner lets you have the freedom to move things and create to your heart’s desire.