The Wedding Thing

As a lot of you already know, I am married now! Many of you do not know (judging from the passive-aggressive “where was my invitation?” comments) that we had a very small, private wedding, and only our parents and my sisters attended. That is what we wanted. That is not to say that we do not want to celebrate with all of you people. In fact, we wanted to celebrate with so many different people from our schools, churches, workplaces, etc. that we couldn’t make it happen just yet. You see, we are poor. This is not a bad thing. We are not bitter. We know we will have some money in due time, BUT we also know that we need to use what little money we have on food, rent, electricity, and the like.

That being said, we originally planned to have a big “wedding” on October 27th, 2018, but with the job market in Henderson, and the time crunch, that is not going to happen. Don’t fret; we still want to celebrate with everyone! Our first big decision as a married couple was to decide to move our “wedding” to next year. It will give us time to save up some money so we can make it a little nicer than a “bring your own food, table, and chair” party. We aren’t sure if we want to have a ceremony or not (since we are already married, and I don’t like acting), but we are decided on having a reception in the Nashville area in late October 2019. Probably the 26th or 27th. The 27th will be our 5 year dating anniversary, but it is also a Sunday next year, so we are toying with a Sunday afternoon finger food reception or possibly a brunch on the 26th. We aren’t sure yet, but we have a little while to talk it out, save money, plan in advance, take some nice photos, do actual invitations, etc.

I would also like to address the fact that many people feel our engagement was rushed. I would like to counter: A) it’s our relationship, so no one else can control the timeline, and B) we had been planning to get married in summer/fall 2018 for a while, we just hadn’t been formally engaged yet. It only seemed rushed from the outside. We planned our timeline to fit our needs, and not to please everyone else in our lives. I can really only speak for myself, not David, but I’m learning to make more decisions for myself and not try to make everyone happy all the time; this was a big step for me.

We are working on a wedding website that will hold all of the details for the party thing as well as our registry links and some nice little things we wrote 🙂 You can find said website here (just keep in mind that it isn’t finished yet, and not all of the links will produce cool things.)


(also P.S. if you don’t agree with all of the traditions we have not followed or the fact that we were married before we celebrated with friends, that’s fine with me. Feel free to ignore this post and move on. Just please don’t come to me about it. I’ve heard enough already, and I would prefer to live my newly married life in peace from negative opinions about our union.) 🙂