Week Thirty-Four

A colleague takes credit for your work and is rewarded. How does that affect your perception of your own value?How do you react?

I confront them politely. “Hey, I did this ______, why did you take credit for it?”

I wish I could truthfully say that. In reality, however, I would probably make a passive aggressive remark to the person who rewarded my colleague, trying to get them to realize that I had done it instead.

I grew up in a passive aggressive household. We didn’t confront people when we were upset with them or if they hurt our feelings. We made passive aggressive comments and washed dishes angrily or folded clothes too hard. Once my husband pointed out to me that I did these things, it killed me a little inside, but at least now I know that I do them so I can get better; now I can recognize the why of my behavior.

I’ve been working on my passive aggression for a few months now, and, though I’m not perfect, I see examples of it everywhere, and it makes me sick. I try not to participate in behaviors that make me sick when others do them.

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