Week 38

You’re in a room with a group of people who all share the same opinion on a certain topic. Do you go with the flow or argue the counterpoint?

Honestly, I love playing devil’s advocate. Not in a hostile way, but if someone happened to be having an idea, I would argue the opposite to make sure they thought of all the things that could be against them. So, honestly, I think I would argue the opposite regardless of whether I have the same opinion or not.

Uber short response. XD



An Update

It has been three months since I’ve visited my own site. Three months of sitting, unvisited, gathering virtual dust.

It’s fine. I’m human. I’m not going to beat myself up about not following through with my plan to finish out the year. I finished 33 weeks of the 52-week challenge in a year (two months, really). I posted regularly for a good portion of that time. I’m proud that I did that.

I am a little disappointed that I didn’t do one post a week in the first place. I’m disappointed that I didn’t finish. I’m sad that I haven’t touched my blog since November 21st.

I am happy, however, at the things that have happened since then that distracted me from writing on here. I worked really hard at the university’s Benefit Dinner that my job catered. I showed my boss and everyone above them that I am capable of more than they had seen so far. Surprise, I’m a leader.

I went to visit my husband’s family for Christmas and met tons of relatives and friends. I got to see my in-laws. We have a baby nephew who was born just after we left there over the summer. We got to see him at 4 months old, and he’s so chunky and wonderful and adorable and perfect. Just precious.

I got to visit my family after his. Seeing my family is always a joy. I also got to see a few of my closest friends while I was in town. The time I spent with family and friends replenished my soul ❤

I came back to work and have pretty much exhausted myself the past couple weeks with all of the catering events we’ve been working, but today is the last day of that. Then I can relax.

I’m working on bettering myself (more on this in probably the next post), and with that will come a routine to keep myself in check. Writing will be part of this, so a regular post schedule should be happening soon. Stay tuned 🙂



There are good ships. There are bad ships, but the best ships are friendships.

When I was younger, I had an embarrassingly large collection of keychains. (So maybe I actually still have it tucked up in the closet, but that’s irrelevant now.) I had one little rectangle one that was full of blue glitter and little ship confetti that had this saying on it. It probably comes from somewhere from an important person, but I remember this little keychain with the handy little saying to help me remember the important things in life.

I never had a lot of friends growing up. I was “friends” with a lot of people: classmates, teammates, etc.; I did not, however, grow close to many of them. I had several people rotate through the “best friend” slots in my life, but only a few stayed for the long haul. In my eyes, though, having a small number of really good friends made more sense than having lots and lots of semi-friends. Depth over breadth, right? I think so.

This past weekend I was able to watch one of my best friends get her nursing pin and walk the stage in her cap and gown with her BSN, and I’ve never been more proud of anyone in my life.

This girl deserves more success and happiness than anyone. She has worked so hard through school to realize her dream of becoming a nurse. Long nights of studying, difficult teachers, other students (good and bad), loss, success, frustration, happiness, and lots in between. She conquered it all. She walked across that stage with her head held a mile high—deservedly so—while her family and I beamed with pride.

This woman said way back in high school that she was going to be a nurse. She had to retake classes because of unfavorable events by counselors; she had to study long hours and drink lots of coffee and energy drinks while staying up studying tiny body parts and the complex inner mechanisms of the body. She set out to accomplish something, and she did it. She gets to live her dream. She gets to work at something she enjoys. I hope it challenges her and fulfills her hopes and dreams. I know she is going to be an amazing nurse, and I am so proud of her for all she has accomplished.

I will say, though, that second to watching my beautiful friend walk across the stage, the best part of the day was watching her interact with her Mamaw. Mamaw is in a wheelchair, she is ninety-three years old, and she is incredibly proud of Becca. Watching the two interact made my heart swell and brought tears to my eyes. Pride is sometimes construed as negative and selfish, but I can promise that pride in others, especially those closest to you, is such a pure emotion. Watching someone you love accomplish grand things in their life fulfills something inside of your own heart. Mamaw definitely swelled with pride at Becca accomplishing so much. Smiles all around from Mamaw the whole evening, and the sweet words and hugs were shared afterward—happily caught on camera.

Becca has been my friend since middle school, and man, if you knew me in middle school, you know that it takes a special person to love you through that. But she did. She has been one of the friends that stuck by my side through everything, and I appreciate her more than she will ever know.

Thank you for letting me be part of your day, and thank you for letting me capture the special moments throughout ❤

The Beginning of a Quest

An exercise for my Advanced Composition class had students sit with a pen and paper and write any question that came to their heads. The purpose was to help us brainstorm topics for an upcoming creative nonfiction paper. This is what I’ve learned from mine.

Why is the wind blowing so hard outside?

Is my pen going to run out of ink during this exercise? (yes)

Why did I not talk to a friend for over a year?

Why are fountain pens the best?

Why is planning therapeutic for some, yet unbearably stressful for others?

Why is motivation so fleeting?

Where did my motivation go?

Did my motivation possess someone else?

If so, is it at least doing someone some good?

Why does Faber-Castell ink dry so fast in the nibs of my pens?

If I mixed green and blue ink, would it look gross?

Why do a lot of boys spend so much time indoors?

How do you draw a boy outdoors?

Once you get him there, how do you keep him there?

Why do I have such a hard time making decisions?

Why is independence so easy, yet so hard?

Contrary to the silly questions about my fountain pen (which in fact did run out of ink while I was writing this on paper), I pondered the more serious questions about motivation. I finish things. I have never started a paper and not finished it. I have never quit after cleaning only half a room. I finish things.

Except when it comes to my personal growth. I start eating healthy, running, being fit, but a month or two later, you will find me at Dairy Queen twice a week. I resolve to read my Bible every day. A week or two later, my Bible sits gathering dust on the shelf. It seems the only personal growth resolution I’ve followed through on is getting more sleep. Why? Why is it so hard to stay motivated to do things that will make me a much better, happier person in the near future?

Even the title of my blog reflects my half-finished, indecisive attitude. It is indefinitely untitled because I could never think of a title I wouldn’t want to change later. Why do I have such a problem with staying motivated to follow through on my personal endeavors?

An exploration of motivation and why it is so fleeting.

Why Everyone Should Start Their Own Blog (from my Odyssey writing)


When I first wrote this article, it was unintentionally ruder than I meant it to be, but I couldn’t go back and edit the Odyssey article, so here I am on my own blog, sharing the same, slightly edited, article.

Everyone needs an outlet from life. It’s great, it’s exciting, but sometimes life can get a little overwhelming or stressful, and we need something to do to unwind or escape. Some people read, some play video games and some exercise. What calms and comforts one person may stress another out, and that is why there is such a wide variety of hobbies. Writing is one of those hobbies, and it is a great outlet; it lets you explore topics that you find interesting or that you have yet to explore. You can say what you want about whatever you want (most of the time). I would like to encourage everyone who enjoys writing to get their own blog up and running.

I have a WordPress blog that I pretty much abandoned when I began writing for the Odyssey. I will be picking that backup. Anyway…

Having a blog gives you freedom. You can write about any topic you want! If you are a Beanie Baby connoisseur, write about them. Post pictures to go along with it. Share your passions with the world.

You don’t have to worry about others changing your writing. You write, edit, and publish your own work. There is no one who is going to change your titles, phrases, or headings because they “aren’t catchy enough.” It is your writing, and you can say things how you want. The focus isn’t on others (see below). (This could also have a downside: if your grammar isn’t at its peak, your writing will suffer from this–make sure to proofread.)

There is no minimum or maximum word count or times you must share it to be able to keep writing. If you want to post two paragraphs, GO FOR IT. You can create writing just for you, for you and a few people you share with, or you can write and share it with the world.

You don’t have to have a schedule. If you want to write every two weeks, you can. If you want to write every other day, you can. If you are going on a trip, and you won’t have the internet, you don’t have to write while you’re gone. Share your experience when you get back!

The focus is on you. Not to share share share share share share share on different platforms share share. If you don’t want to share your post on Facebook or Twitter, YOU DON’T HAVE TO. It is about writing. The pure joy and adventure of it. Plain and simple. The joy of putting pen to paper (well, finger to key), and getting your thoughts out there.

You get to connect with new people. I love people. A bonus: you connect with people who are interested in the same things as you and who value what you have to say enough to read your posts.

One day, you could make money. A lot of the bigger name blogs online make a small (sometimes even a large) ,amount of money. If you write about things that many other people want to read about, more people will read your blog. The more traffic your writing gets, you could end up with the opportunity to advertise products and get endorsements from companies. But that’s way down the road. For now, just read my other article to see how easy it is to start your own blog.

So here I go to dust off my old blog and write freely. Wish me luck 🙂

The other post from the Odyssey was not rude-sounding, and therefore is titled “A Guide To Starting Your Own Blog,” and I will share it as “Part 2.”

UPDATE: Liink to Part 2 —>  https://www.theodysseyonline.com/guide-to-starting-your-own-blog

Image from https://www.amazon.com/Spherecalls-Aluminum-Laptop-Silicone-Non-Slip/dp/B010H0XEFK?ie=UTF8&ref_=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_zNuTvb09MPN88